The Firm

Tamarind Associates is a boutique consulting agency providing a range of Strategic Business Intelligence, Risk Mitigation and Corporate Compliance Services.

Our specialist expertise is focused on the Middle East, Africa and Central Asia regions, where we continually demonstrate a unique level of access within the country of interest.

Our clients rely on Tamarind to provide a discrete, confidential and trusted partnership which is designed to be both defensive and offensive whilst tailored for their needs.

Supporting exiting clients and new companies looking to either enter or expand within the MEA&CA region, Tamarind provides clients with a specialist service by looking at risk, compliance due diligence, with strategic introductions, and strategic marketing with tailored research.

Our Value Proposition

Strategic Consulting
With over 20 years regional experience throughout the Middle East and Africa, Tamarind has a unique network of capabilities to support clients with their corporate risk, compliance, and or bespoke solutions whether that may be local travel management support, commercial due diligence or facilitation support from trusted local consultants.

Strategic Research
Tamarind has a regional research capability using global and local resources to carry out tailored research for clients looking at this challenging region. As most of the MEA&CA region can be classed as either frontier or emerging, very little trusted information is available in the public domain. Tamarind provides clients a SPOC for the specific research needs throughout the MEA&CA region to ensure that they have the qualified and quantified information to make the best informed decisions which will keep their commercial activities, successful, compliant, and safe with their reputations intact.

Strategic Brand Marketing and Market Relationship Introduction
Once a client has identified that the MEA&CA region is viable and wishes to explore or expand opportunities rapidly, understanding business culture how and commerce can be accelerated through the right business relationships is a critical success factor. Tamarind utilising its network and trusted reputation, has access to a plethora of business decision makers in order to introduce and promote a client’s brand or service offering. Tamarind will carry out strategic marketing of a client’s brand with a carefully analysed group of potential partners prior to managing the formal introductions and thereafter the continued market entry support and due diligence which will be critical for success in this region.