Due Diligence

Due Diligence
Due Diligence
Due Diligence

Capability Areas

  • Due Diligence
  • Commercial, Legal, Regulatory, Reputation
  • Companies / Individuals
  • Business Research
  • Partner / Competition profiling
  • 2nd Citizenship Program Support
  • Political & Commercial Analysis
  • Source Enquiries

Due Diligence

The processes of Due Diligence and how they are used are far reaching throughout everyday business regardless of at a local or international level. Due Diligence and information gathering processes are now mandatory functions for a company whether they are driven by regulatory compliance, or are part of standard management policies, or for strategic development.

Tamarind associates understands the value of accurate due diligence and providing qualitative and quantitative information for clients to make more informed decisions, protect reputations, and mitigate against the plethora of regulatory and compliance risks associated with international business, Iran being no different.

We also understand that at a very early stage of any business decision, potential strategy or simply the practice of knowing more, basic information is essential. Tamarind Associates due diligence services are not only for mitigating risks, or identifying red flags, but are intended to provide clients with a trusted capability to gather general information, facts and research for their knowledge and understanding.

Our due diligence services have been designed using decades of international experience in multiple jurisdictions, including emerging markets with limited transparency and offshore hubs servicing multinational trade and commerce. We understand that due diligence is a critical component of our clients’ compliance or anti-bribery and corruption programs and these now must apply throughout the commercial supply chain to include joint venture partners, distributors, vendors, agents, etc.

For financial and legal institutions and their clients, supporting FDI, M&A and capital market investment activities in Iran, we are able to provide an internationally recognised and trusted resource for their particular needs.

Using trusted methodology, intellectual analysis and comprehensive collecting of both public and non-public information we provide our clients with the critical information they require.

Our services can be delivered as standard packages, enhanced due diligence or, when requested, further deep-dive reporting. In most cases our due diligence will have a tailored scope; a mixture of the basic facts required by companies looking at new markets, trading partners etc., with some additional elements customised for the client’s particular needs.

In Iran our due diligence capabilities and access are wide ranging and nationwide.

For more information on how we can provide further insight into Iran for you, your business or your clients, we would encourage you to contact us to discover more.