The Persian Factor

The Persian Factor
The Persian Factor
The Persian Factor
The Persian Factor

Knowledge through understanding

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The Persian Factor

It is without question that modern Iran is intrinsically linked to its fascinating historical past which stretches back to 550 BEC 1. The last one hundred years is no different. However, when looking at Iran for ones current business pursuits, you need to understand there is something else that binds the persian people, which drives their passion and the way they think.

For now Tamarind has coined this critical nuance – ‘The Persian Factor’ .

It is difficult to pinpoint at any one time without some form of reference or subject matter. When asking four Iranians from various different backgrounds the same question, you often will get four separate answers, some conflicting. This is not to say any are wrong, you have to understand that a number of social and cultural factors would have formed that answer or opinion. The magnitude of influencers such as honour, pride, education, caution, suspicion, generosity, religion, personal agenda, loyalty, interpretation etc., may all play a part in how one Iranian will aim to advise, or provide a solution.

To be confident you are making the right informed decision, you will need independent non-iranian advisors to be able to provide objective advice.

Inability to properly recognize and understand this, and not having this included as a critical success factor in your strategy will lead to delays, erode time & investment, create compliance issues and potential reputational damage or failure.

Tamarind has carefully positioned itself as a lead consultantcy in this field by studying and gathering a unique resource of advisors, sources and researchers to be able to articulate the persian factor to its clients and demonstrate where it can affect business, commercial decisions and relationships.

History is scattered with examples where commercial activities have failed, reputations have been destroyed and conflict has arisen because companies first fail to understand the DNA of a country, its people, how it ‘ticks’.

A real competitive edge?

The persian factor is not something to fear, it is an important element to embrace, it can give you that competitive advantage.

Based on decades of experience, the Tamarind senior management and advisory board have recognized that this is a critical success factor when helping any individual or organisation interested in Iran. We wish to show you how you can get it right first time, mitigate your risks, save money and be successful by helping you ‘go with the grain’ not ‘against the grain’.


1 The Persian empire was the very first world empire. Founded more than two thousand years ago in 550 BCE, by Cyrus the great, it covered vast swathes of what are today the Middle East, Central Asia and the eastern Mediterranean. ‘Iran. A beginner’s Guide’ by Homa Katouzian . Published by Oneworld Publications 2013