Focus Areas

  • Geo-Political
  • Economic Intelligence
  • Intelligent Stakeholder Mapping
  • Cultural / Religious nuance and understanding – ‘The Persian Factor’
  • Competitor Intelligence
  • Opportunity, Project & Investment Analysis
  • Partner profiling and preparation
  • Risk Management
  • Market Aligned Planning
  • IP / Brand protection
  • Compliance navigation
  • Discrete PR / Lobbying
  • Bespoke Consulting


Tamarind Associates is a specialist advisory and corporate services firm focusing on market-entry into Iran and the changing landscape of this important market.

Our strategic advisory capabilities for Iran are unique at this time because we are the first western led experienced management consulting firm focusing on Iran, applying advisory services for MNCs who value proper independent advice leading to better understanding for their strategy.

Leveraging decades of experience, the senior management and advisory board, understand the various critical aspects of success or failure for companies and corporations when looking at new challenges, markets or frontiers.

In most cases the true value of meaningful advice based on understanding of the environment and its people is not appreciated or applied. It is however known in hindsight, that over the past 100 years many international businesses have failed when entering a new market, reputations have been destroyed, ROI was never achieved, or that costs, delays, commercial and political legal issues were simply not realised at the point of strategy conception and could have been avoided.

Iran is a huge market with vast reserves of energy, minerals, human capital and education. It is also an extremely complex country with unique challenges to understand such as Politics, Geo-Politics, Culture, Religion, Social-economics, Sanctions, Fear, Nepotism etc.

Tamarind Associates has built a wide ranging capability in order to advise and educate clients on their Iranian strategies and work collaboratively to ensure that they have a trusted resource to work with, from conception, to market entry, through to success and if need be exit.

Your reassurance is that you are dealing with people who have helped hundreds of clients in many jurisdictions, who understand western and eastern mentality and who understand you and your company’s needs.

Our resources range from both Iranian and non-Iranian sources inside and outside Iran, who provide clear independent advice on Politics, Religion, Government, Law, Industry, Commerce and Trade.

From simple nuances such as language, religion and history, and how these are applied in commercial context in Iran today, to how much a taxi fare should cost, Tamarind Associates are here to help provide critical understanding.

We look forward to helping you understand more, answer your questions and structure successful strategies and solutions.