• Sanctions (UN, US, EU, UK, Asia)
  • Anti-money Laundering (AML)
  • Anti-Bribery / Corruption (FCPA, BBA, OECD)
  • Litigation support
  • Banking and Financial solutions KYC / SoF
  • Governmental Training
  • Financial Sector Training
  • Tailored Compliance Programs
  • Stress Testing




Tamarind Associates is designed to provide meaningful real-world practical solutions to modern day international trade and commerce.

Compliance is everywhere! There are certain areas of compliance that are of course unique to Iran, Sanctions being a prominent one.

However, the world has changed in the last few years since the financial crisis of 2008/9. The way commerce, trade, banking, governance and regulation has changed in the last 3 years has significantly affected global business, both locally and internationally.

Iran, for much of the past 3 years, has been shut out of the international banking system (as one example) and therefore has not had to rigorously adapt to the new-world-order of compliance.

Tamarind Associates assists clients from Ministry of Finance to SME’s with various compliance changes and the necessary policies and procedures that must now be adopted.

Through review, training and delivery of best practice compliance policies and procedures we are able to bridge the gap for Iranian businesses in order that they are ready to trade with new desired trading partners globally.

How we can help non-Iranian Companies

Looking at your Iran trade strategies and ‘looking in’, Tamarind Associates is there to assist with your compliance challenges and questions. We understand your high standards and why they are critical to you in your business.

We also provide you with an International qualified consulting agency to work with you to develop your compliance standards into workable solutions for potential Iranian trading partners. We help you negotiate, translate, educate, implement and thereafter provide you with a 3rd party auditing agency to ensure you are not at risk.

How we can help Iranian Companies

We are there to explain, educate, train, develop and implement best practice solutions that will ensure compliance to these integral demands mandatory to commerce today.

Companies which recognize, embrace and implement these critical changes will undoubtedly be the most attractive trading partners.

Unfortunately compliance is not a quick fix. Compliance and the changes made need to be tested, reviewed, and recorded annually and must demonstrate continual assessment to ensure best practice is maintained throughout the organization as well as its 3rd parties.

Compliance changes are tough and hard work. It is even harder to prove that they are effective and are real beyond a signed statement or a disclaimer on a website. They have to be validated.

Tamarind Associates can provide this critical link for companies to adapt, comply and prove they have matching standards for modern international commerce, but also to dove-tail in quickly and smoothly to maximize their competitive advantage.

To understand why KYC or AML questions are holding up a supply chain or why a foreign company is reluctant to sign an agreement due to the lack of basic ABAC controls can be difficult to understand. But understand you must to get ahead in today’s global market.

Being able to explain and deliver solutions in English and Farsi tailored for Iran makes Tamarind Associates uniquely placed.

We are here to help.